10 Mar, 2023

Objectives and Scope of the Assignment

The primary objective of this assignment is to develop viable business models and financing mechanisms for mini-grids with agricultural productive uses while providing technical assistance to the relevant stakeholders in furtherance of this objective. Thus, this assignment is expected to: 1) Design tendering process and accompanying tendering documents for the REA based on innovative business models centred on cost reduction 2) Provide support to REA to assess bid under Calls for Proposals 3) Design and pilot the most cost-effective alternative financial instruments to promote solar PV minigrids in Nigeria 4) Propose and design commercial business models for scaling up solar PV minigrids in agricultural value chains (to be accompained by financial instruments developed) 5) Build capacity of project stakeholders on the project-demonstrated minigrids business models 6) Build capacity of minigrid developers/operators on financial reporting 7) Equipment leasing scheme developed for uptake of efficient electrical equipment in agricultural value chains 8) Review of electricty tariffs through cross-subsidy and balanced tariffs to promote uptake of renewable electricity generated from solar PV minigrids.

Consultant Competencies

The required qualifications and experience of the consultant are as follows: • An advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in Economics, Accounting and Finance or a related field; • At least 10 years of relevant work experience across Financial and Business models development and the development of product financing or leasing schemes • Experience in working with the UN, and UNDP in particular, international organizations, and similar agencies would be an advantage; • Previous experience in conducting similar assignments • Clear understanding of how to develop tender documents

# MileStone

Inception Report

This includes Methodology and Work plan of activities to be completed during the assignment

Submission of first draft of reports

• Submission of proposed project business plans from bidders • Submission of First draft of assessment report on alternative financing schemes

Submission of final draft reports

(i) equipment leasing and business models for the renewable energy mini-grids in rural agricultural value chains Project Development Tender (ii) Project development tender process and associated bidding documents (iii) Submission of concept note, training manual and agenda for workshop to train REA staff to assess bids (iv) Submission of tender process workshop report Business plans for productive energy uses in agriculture value chains (v) Submission of final business plans from selected bidders Training on agriculture-energy opportunities (vi) Submission of concept note, training manual and agenda for workshop to train industry stakeholders on the energy-agriculture business models (vii) Submission of business model workshop report (viii) Submission of concept note, training manual and Agenda for capacity building workshop for financial institutions on mini-grid investment in the rural agriculture value chains (ix) Submission of report of capacity building workshop for financial institutions Alternative Financing Scheme(s) (x) Submission of final draft of assessment report on alternative financing schemes

How to apply

All applicants are required to mandatorily fill and the complete online application form including employment and educational history, motivational segment and technical competency questions. We will be thoroughly reviewing the application forms only for all the required details. Forms that are incomplete in any respect will not be considered while shortlisting for the next stage

Applicants are required to provide the following information:

  1. Please state highest degree level obtained (PhD, Masters, Bachelors, HND)

  2. Please state the title of the highest degree obtained

  3. Do you have professional certifications?

  4. Details of Professional Certification

  5. Years of Relevant Work Experience

  6. Please add details of experience with UN (or similar international organisation)

  7. Details of other Relevant Work Experience

  8. Any other Relevant Information to Support your Application

Document Required for The Job
  1. CV

  2. Degree Certificates

  3. Professional Certificates

  4. Company profile (only applicable for companies)

  5. Other