LOT G: GIS-BASED MODELLING EXPERT (International Consultancy)

10 Mar, 2023

Objectives and Scope of the Assignment

The primary objective of this assignment is to deliver the data overlays and map analysis for minigrid potential for Nigeria within agricultural value chains. Thus, this assignment is expected to: 1) Source and analyse spatial data using mapping software 2) Performing data munging and cleaning to convert data into its desired form 3) Identify patterns and trends through spatial mapping of data 4) Produce map overlays showing the spatial distribution of various kinds of data, including MSMEs, productive use equipment, satellite / value chain analysis data, mobile network data etc. 5) Collaboration with the relevant international initiatives to meet the objectives of the assignment 6) Produce reports on geographic data utilizing data visualizations.

Consultant Competencies

The required qualifications and experience of the consultant are as follows: · An advanced university degree (Masters or equivalent) in Geography, Data Science, Computer Science or related fields · At least 10 years of relevant work experience across development data analysis, preferably GIS-based data analysis · Experience in working with the UN, and UNDP in particular, international organizations, and similar agencies would be an advantage; · Previous experience in conducting similar assignment. · Clear understanding of how to perform geospatial data analysis

# MileStone

Inception Report

This includes Methodology and Work plan of activities to be completed during the assignment

Submission of First draft reports / data visualisation

This will be on mini-grid potential within rural agricultural values chains

Submission of final draft reports

(i) Comprehensive report comprising insights and data visualisation of mini-grid potential within rural agricultural values chains (ii) GIS map overlays

How to apply

All applicants are required to mandatorily fill and the complete online application form including employment and educational history, motivational segment and technical competency questions. We will be thoroughly reviewing the application forms only for all the required details. Forms that are incomplete in any respect will not be considered while shortlisting for the next stage

Applicants are required to provide the following information:

  1. Please state highest degree level obtained (PhD, Masters, Bachelors, HND)

  2. Please state the title of the highest degree obtained

  3. Do you have professional certifications?

  4. Details of Professional Certification

  5. Years of Relevant Work Experience

  6. Please add details of experience with UN (or similar international organisation)

  7. Details of other Relevant Work Experience

  8. Any other Relevant Information to Support your Application

Document Required for The Job
  1. CV

  2. Degree Certificates

  3. Professional Certificates

  4. Company profile (only applicable for companies)

  5. Other